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Day 7: Most Underrated Book.

Basically anything written by Markus Zusak is underrated. He wrote The Book Thief, and after I read that book, I began to read the other books he had published. I loved them all. The Underdogs is a coming of age trilogy about Cameron, a boy who just wants to do something great with his life. Zusak said that this trilogy is loosely based on his life. The Underdogs was the first set of books he ever wrote. 

I Am The Messenger is about a guy named Ed Kennedy who witnesses a bank robbery and then starts getting these mysterious messages from an anonymous person. The messages lead him to specific people and situations that change his life. 

One of the things I love about Markus Zusak is that he takes such simple concepts and makes something beautiful out of them. All of his books have touched me in their own special way. 

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